Space: Exploring the Moon, the Planet

Space: Exploring the Moon, the Planet is a great book. This book is written by author Olivier de Goursac. You can read the Space: Exploring the Moon, the Planet book on our website in any convenient format!
As Olivier de Goursac says, 'Space is a huge, well-filled void'. It is full of activity: since time began immemorial, numerous celestial bodies have circulated through it and today it is also marked by man's presence. Through our construction of missiles, rockets and ever more sophisticated satellites, we continue to appropriate this new territory. In this book, Olivier de Goursac shares his passion for infinite space. Narrating the travel stories of those lucky enough to have voyaged through our galaxy, he introduces us to the first men on the moon and their 'moon buggy', and also to the incredible adventures of animal pioneers in our universe. Of course, these interplanetary journeys have only been made possible thanks to the untiring efforts, carried out over more than a century, of engineers and researchers in astronomy. Olivier de Goursac highlights the technical aspects of the space age and describes, in clear, precise terms, the many instruments and machines that have enabled - and which continue to enable - these voyages into space.
This is a timeline of Solar System exploration ordered by date of spacecraft launch. It includes: All spacecraft that have left Earth orbit for the purposes of Solar System exploration (or were launched with that intention but failed), including lunar probes. Space: Exploring the Moon, the Planet Image
AUTHOR Olivier de Goursac
FILENAME Space: Exploring the Moon, the Planet.pdf
PUBLISH DATE 28 Apr 2006

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Former space shuttle astronaut Joseph Allen thinks our own planet is one of them: "With all the arguments, pro and con, for going to the Moon, no one suggested that we should do it to look at the Earth.

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